Welcome to King Solomon Secondary – where we view our pupils as the leaders of the next generation.

In an increasingly complex reality, Secondary pupils of today must swiftly adapt to meet ever-changing demands. Preparing our pupils for an undefined future, we need to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values while allowing each individual pupil to thrive in a way that meets their needs, passions and purpose.

As the only private Jewish, International school in Israel, we cherish the values of our Jewish Heritage and those of Global citizenship and have created an environment and a unique programme  that embraces both of these core values.

Our Impact programme provides our pupils with the opportunity to gain various critical skills including Financial Literacy , Crisis Management, Media Literacy and Mindfulness.

The wide variety of enrichment options allow for our pupils to engage their passions in various areas of interests ranging from ecology to computer programming, and our Chavruta offerings ensure that each pupil is connecting to their Jewish Heritage from an angle of their interest   – be it Jewish Philosophy, Bible or Jewish History.

While the language of instruction of the Lower Secondary School is mainly Hebrew combined with a strong Cambridge programme in English, we transition into an International programme that begins in Year 10. We are proud to have received IB candidacy and are currently in the midst of the one year required for IB authorization. The International Baccelaureate Diploma  (www.ibo.org) is a prestigious and rigorous High School Diploma that is accepted in the best universities around the world, as well as considered by Israeli Universities to be equivalent to the Israeli Bagrut.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience the special atmosphere at the King Solomon Secondary.

Best Wishes

Mrs Bruria Martin